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  • Yes, the media got many of the facts wrong, but in Rapp's case they didn't know the half of it.
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    Payday Loans

    29 Oct 2012

    The Death of John the Baptist – Mark 6:14-29

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    29 Oct 2012

    Rejection of Devine Truth 1 John:19-34

    29 Oct 2012

    The Faithful Servant Who Submits to God’s Word

    He had never seen such astonishment on any faces, let alone those of people whose good opinion he valued.
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    At this news a benign light of comprehension shone over Malama's face.
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    29 Oct 2012

    The Ark of the Covenant

    21 Oct 2012

    Those Who Believe – Matthew 21:32 & John 1:35-37

    For Glissa, there was excitement in this job of world making, and fulfillment.
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